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Freedom Fitness is locally owned by the Grafton family. Brett, his brother Bryce and their mother Tracy opened Freedom Fitness in July of 2022. Brett began his passion for fitness at a young age. At 12 years old Brett joined mixed martial arts and from that point he knew he wanted to make fitness his career. Prior to owning Freedom Fitness, Brett taught gymnastics for 7 years and has also been a personal trainer encouraging and working with clients to reach their goals. His focus is making fitness achievable by making it fun and engaging.

Brett had a vision for the type of gym he wanted to bring to the people in his community. While attending college, Brett volunteered his time at a local gym to learn the business of running a gym. During his 6 months of volunteer work, Brett and his brother Bryce had made a decision to move out of California. The day Brett decided to share this move with the gym owner, he was unaware of a golden opportunity to fulfill his dream. The owner offered Brett to take over her gym. The Grafton brothers chose not to move and Brett took the offer. He has renamed and revamped his gym as Freedom Fitness. Freedom Fitness aims to provide a positive, uplifting and fun atmosphere where anyone at any fitness level can join.

Discover the HD. Discover Freedom Fitness.

Freedom Fitness: About
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