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Referred to as "the hatchery on the desert", the Mojave River Fish Hatchery is set adjacent to Victor Valley College. The hatchery first opened ni 1947 and began with 4 dirt ponds. In 1975 the dirt ponds were upgraded to six 1,000 foot concrete raceways. These raceways allow for increased capacity, ease in loading and cleaning, and better care of the fish. Each week a Pathologist will visit the facility to ensure all fish are disease free and ready for distribution. The Mojave River Fish Hatchery is a major trout production facility for Southern California. The hatchery reopened in June of 2022 after shutting down for 2 and a half years.
The hatchery raises and plants one million catchable Rainbow trout annually. They stock state facilities inMammoth Lake, Hot Creek al the way down to our southern region of San Diego, as well as our local Mojave Narrows, Spring Valley Lake and Silverwood Lake. There are certain requirements when stocking lakes. Such as adequate water levels and water temperature. As well as ensuring the trout have reached their proper length and size in order to be released. The hatchery is open to the public for feeding and tours are available by appointment.
Hatchery hours are 8am - 3pm, every day.

Mojave River Fish Hatchery: About
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