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Apple Valley, CA

In October of 2015 Charlie and Sharleen became the "sweet" owners of Halo Donuts in Apple Valley. They moved to the High Desert 27 years ago from Los Angeles. Serving up the best donuts in town, Charlie and Sharleen have been in the donut business for over 30 years, opening their first donut shop in the 90's.

There is a lot of heart and hard work that goes into Halo Donuts. During the week Charlie begins his day at 1pm preparing ingredients for 50 different donut options and makes all of them through the night to be fresh and ready for the next morning. At 4am the doors open and it is time to serve the freshly made donuts. In between fulfilling orders for their high value customers, Charlie and Sharleen are continuously prepping for that same evening shift. On weekends preparations begin as early as 6pm for the following day. An average of 100 customers come through their door each day and up to two to three hundred customers on the weekends. That is about 60 dozen donuts daily and 150 dozen on the weekend. So much love is put into their business and each freshly made donut; true quality you can see and taste. Halo Donuts serves a wide variety of uniquely crafted smoothies, "donut shop" coffee and cappuccinos as well as a variety of soft drinks.

Thank you Halo Donuts for serving the HD.

Charlie and Sharleen enjoy living in the High Desert and have brought the best donuts to our community for over 7 years.

Discover the HD. Discover Halo Donuts.

19201 Bear Valley Rd #D Apple Valley, CA 92308

Halo Donuts: About
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