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Larry Keen - Vietnam Veteran

Larry Keen also known as "2 Beer Larry" was just a teenager when he was enlisted in the Vietnam War. He is one of our local Veterans who served in Vietnam as a Communications Specialist. In the Communication Specialist field, he operated in cryptography and because of this was a high target. After going through a series of catastrophic events he recalls specific moments that led to his PTSD.
Larry and another soldier were operating a mission and upon arrival were blown into a bunker. His partner and friend was severely wounded. Larry tried to assist by tying his belt around the wound and immediately called for a medic. But just moments later his friend died in his arms. When Larry returned to the United States from combat at the age of 19 he recalls the treatment he received walking off the
bus. He was greeted by people spitting at him and calling him names because of their detest for the war. Over the course of 50 years as a High Desert resident, Larry had become a member of the VFW right here in Hesperia. He first joined in 1987 and through his recovery after the war, the VFW has become a place of connecting with others who have also experienced combat related PTSD. He has recovered from cancer, agent orange and traumatic brain injury from explosives in Vietnam and now is dedicated to helping fellow Veterans. Larry and his son volunteer their time by visiting different venues throughout the High Desert to help Veterans with PTSD. They have put together and donate therapeutic kits that contain all the items a Veteran would need to complete a project. These kits help to keep focus on something creative and to support their efforts for relieving depression and anxiety. For kits or to donate to this cause please visit VFW Joshua Palms Post 2924 is located on Hesperia Rd. The Veterans of Foreign Wars is much more than an organization dedicated to supporting those who served in combat. The VFW is a place where combat Veterans experience camaraderie and an
unspoken bond with other Veterans. In order to be a member of the VFW you must have been in a ground combat zone or know a member who has. The VFW is open to the public on Friday nights for dinner which all proceeds go back to support the VFW. We are grateful for men and women like Mr. Keen and thank him for his service.
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